06 June 2011


I almost felt sorry for Sarah Palin last week. Really, I did. Almost.

Even with Sarah’s countless gaffes, her “ringin’ those bells to warn the British” response as to the purpose of Paul Revere’s ride – well, how could it not elicit pity? Remember when the teacher would call on the dumb kid in class, the one who never studied? Even though you knew the kid was a nitwit you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her when she was actually up in front of the whole room proving it. Sarah had one of those moments and I almost felt for her. Albeit very briefly. Because then I remembered she didn’t really get called on – Sarah got on the bus and raised her own hand.

Then, it occurred to me that it was all The Donald’s fault. Let’s face it: the guy brags nonstop about how rich he is and all he comes up with for the Palins’ big New York night out is Famiglia’s Pizza? If he had only taken Sarah to one of my old time favorites, 17 Barrow Street (better known as One If By Land, Two if by Sea) this latest, lamentable doozy of a Palinism could have been avoided. Even though the restaurant itself has nothing to do with Paul (it’s actually Aaron Burr’s old carriage house) its name would certainly have sparked conversation about the famous ride and the damage been mitigated. At the very least Sarah would have eaten better and been fortified to wither any reporter who dared pose an offensive question like ‘who was Paul Revere?’

It sure was a gotcha. After all, we are not all history buffs, nor can we be expected to remember the many facts we learned in grade school and five different colleges. Especially when we have such great disdain for facts and all that ‘elite-y’ knowledge stuff. And we just know those pesky reporters in Massachusetts were on a feeding frenzy. It’s so obvious they smelt blood. Didn’t Michele Bachmann recently add some tea chum to those very same New England waters – something about the shot heard around the world and the Concord not in Massachusetts?

According to Sarah, this trip is purportedly nothing more than a family vacation with a goal of ‘publicizing Americana and our foundations and how important it is that we learn about our past and our challenges and victories throughout American History.’ Yeah. And Sarah is going to teach us. Considering she handpicked the sites, is it unreasonable to expect she might have tried to learn a little bit about them?

I know when I set off on educational family trips I always brush up on the details beforehand. I’ll do whatever it takes to maintain for my kids the illusion that I am the fount of all wisdom. (They just think I’m a nerd.) But I do it in the hope of teaching them, to make the history relevant.

Sarah obviously did not  – and she got caught out. You need only watch the clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS4C7bvHv2w to see the proof. It’s all there in her shifting eyes, her pauses, and the ever-rising sing-songy voice. The class nitwit. A national figure for whom basic facts are beyond the grasp.

Yesterday Sarah went on Fox News Sunday to defend herself. She told Chris Wallace that in no way did she make a mistake, that she ‘knows her American history.’ Sorry, Sarah, but I just don’t buy it. You throw out massive quantities of utter babble in the hope that one factoid passes as an acceptable answer. Even Chris barely seemed able to suppress a smile, but what is truly frightening is that so many other people out there seem to believe you.

So once again the battle between the lame stream media and the SP Defenders takes off – more entertaining than the original story. Even Wikipedia was obliged to close its Paul Revere pages. (Note: the letter from the editor to Sarah Palin’s fans is worth reading but might prove offensive to SP fans seeking to make changes so that the historical accounts reflect their sage Sarah’s wisdom. It isn’t easy to be wrong.

But I have a confession to make.  I also have difficulty admitting when I make a mistake. At least according to my husband, who very rationally makes the case that it just is not statistically possible that I am always right and he is always wrong. I, of course, am not admitting he might have a point.  But I’m not considering a run for President either.


  1. Great article!

  2. Asking Sarah Palin "What do you think?" would qualify as a 'gotcha' question. The sobering thought is ... any culture that would pay any attention to someone like this is doomed.

  3. The thing is, the reporter didn't even ask her "Who is Paul Revere?"

    He just asked her something extremely open-ended like.

    "How was you're day and what will you be taking away from your trip?"



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