20 May 2011

Tsk, Tsk, DSK

My hubby’s got some ‘xplainin’ to do. Not that the poor man has done anything even remotely wrong. Nor, for the record, do I suspect the love of my life of a wandering eye or any other wandering body parts.

It’s just…  all those other men out there. Men who have nothing whatsoever to do with my beloved, besides being of the same sex. Men behaving so badly that I irrationally feel the need to put my man on the hot seat.

I refer, of course, to recent actions of not one but two high profile members of the male species. Men who have destroyed their lives by indiscretions ranging from suspected rape to fathering a love child. Neither are men you would believe capable of such idiocy. Both are in the public eye with considerably more to lose than my husband. Truth be told, one is a richer and more powerful banker and the other is a taller and stronger, um, physical specimen. Both are married to intelligent, attractive and successful women. Both made the move on maids who cleaned their quarters.

It begs the question. How can men with so much on the line be willing to risk a lifetime’s work and reputation? Are they acting out of a sense of invincibility or total insecurity? The answers lie beyond the scope of my imagination, so naturally I turn to my husband for help, as the only resident expert I happen to have on hand.   

There is nothing the poor man hates more. Being forced to defend his entire species – in light of complete strangers’ actions, is pretty much on a pain par with how he would imagine a first time brazilian. In fairness, it would never occur to him to ask me to justify my sex or myself because Angelina tempted Brad away from Jen. To the contrary, if he ever gave such an event a moment’s attention it would most likely be just a fleeting thought. Along the lines of ‘lucky bastard.’

Nonetheless, he did bring up a really good point – with all the controversy: France versus America; seducers versus puritans; DSK’ third wife saying she was ‘rather proud’ of her husband’s reputation versus American’s championing of the immigrant underdog; for all those endless debates the essential difference is being missed.  With Arnie and his housekeeper, the sex was consensual. With DSK and the maid in Manhattan, we are talking about a crime. Not a sex crime, not a scandal, but a violent, brute force crime. Both men have issues, that is certain, but one has some serious ‘talk about ISSUES’ issues.

As for my husband, in retrospect it’s not true that he has less to lose than either Arnie or Domie. As I’ll remind him between now and forever, he would have a lot to lose. Namely, me, and that’s not to be taken lightly. 

Added Extra: For anyone who might have missed one of my favorite blogs, the Borowitz Report, Andy wrote the following on May 16th.

In other political news, IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn said the sexual misconduct charges against him would force him to drop out of the race for President of France and run for Prime Minister of Italy instead.

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