24 May 2011

Bling a Bling Bling

Like most women, I love a bit of bling. Cliché as it may sound, the only thing I love more than a bit of bling is a lot of bling. In fact, really obscene amounts are just fine with me.

Full Disclosure: I am a jeweler’s daughter. My father was president and owner of Raymond C. Yard, an exclusive New York jewelry firm established in 1922 that catered to generations of America’s founding families. When the firm’s founder, Raymond Yard, retired in 1958, he had sold over one million dollars worth of jewelry to three separate families. Trust me, in ‘58 that was a lot of shine. The Herald Tribune wrote at the time Yard’s career could ‘factually be described as fabulous.’

I grew up with all the glamour associated with the business. My father’s first kiss, as a young salesman just starting out, was from none other than Joan Crawford. She was a friend and client of Mr. Yard, who set it up as a cross between a favor and a joke. Whatever it was, it made for a great story and a memorable first for my father.

However, while Yard boasted generations of Rockefellers, Flaglers and many others celebrities as clients, it has never been patronized by one Mr. Newton Leroy Gingrich. (Aside: and Obama’s name is supposed to be a liability?) So for the record, as far as my issue goes with Newt for spending half a million in jewelry – really, it’s only that he spent it at Tiffanys and not at Yard. It’s his money and his business.

But I do have an issue with hypocrisy. If you can run that kind of tab at Tiffany’s, then you can’t turn around and say ‘we don’t do elaborate things… we are very frugal.’ Say I am wealthy and successful; say I can spend my money as I see fit – but own your actions. They are not frugal ones. It’s kind of like Newt going after Clinton for his indiscretions, all the while indulging in a pretty major illicit affair of his own. Smacks of deceit. Not to mention Newt divorcing two wives while they were sick, marrying a third and blaming his less than virtuous behavior ‘on working too hard for America.’ Reminds me a bit of the old ‘lay down and think of England’ line, but as a rationale, uh, it just doesn’t work for Newton Leroy.

Back as a student, I spent a few summers working for my father. One of the first things he taught me was never to mention prior purchases when a husband and wife came in together, as there was no guarantee it had been purchased for the wife. A good jeweler is nothing if not discreet. But I certainly was not surprised to read that Callista Gingrich was the one disclosing that Tiffany account. I’m guessing she must manage that revolving charge pretty closely. Given her husband’s track record, you might almost call it prudence.

Still, there are sufficient other issues with Newt, that I think we can safely let this particular story drop. After all, as this jeweler’s daughter also happens to be a man’s wife, far be it from me to discourage anyone from buying all the bling they want and can afford. It can be an excellent investment, and it’s certainly more wearable than stocks and bonds.

O.K, sweetheart? Knock yourself out!


  1. What is wrong with her face? She looks like the female version of the Joker!

  2. A lighter hand with the Botox would certainly help! Looks like jewelry doesn't buy beauty!


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