07 April 2011

It's Thursday, Thursday...

O.K. Here goes: It’s Thursday. This morning, I woke up. Had my protein bar. I sent the boys off to the Bus Stop. Tomorrow is Friday. The day after is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.

In case you are not one of the 87 million people (and counting) who sadly, realize to what my first paragraph refers – I am making my very best attempt to take State of Minder ‘viral’ with some really bad writing, a la Rebecca Black’s internet sensation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0

I’ll flash back to a couple weeks ago. By coincidence, it happened to be a Friday, and we were having dinner en famille.  I might have casually mentioned (all right, deliberately bragged, I sometimes do) that my blog’s average number of hits per day was growing nicely. I might even have casually dropped a statistic or two – like my all time highest number of views  – something along those lines.

The Minder men all dutifully nodded and feigned admiration, throwing out a few semi-enthusiastic ‘that’s great Moms’. And then one asked ‘Did you see the new Rebecca Black video?’ Teen, tween and child of course already had. Neither my husband nor I knew what they were talking about and so agreed, exceptionally, to allow a laptop to the table. And exactly 3.48 seconds after they hit play, any illusions of grandeur I ever had were forever shattered. Seriously, I’m still debating whether or not to shut down State of Minder completely and call Ark Music. It’s just as safe a bet that I can sing and dance worse than Rebecca as it is her parents will never have to worry about paying for her university.

That was two weeks ago. At that point Rebecca Black had 47 million hits. Now it’s almost twice that. As we watched the ‘singing calendar’ the comments were being posted at the rate of one per second. Granted, 98 percent were negative, even violently so, but in our day and age, it doesn’t seem to matter. 

I find the whole thing really sad. Not specifically Rebecca Black, who I’m sure is a nice kid, but that with so little effort and no distinguishing talent someone becomes a household name. In the worse cases, it’s dangerous, as we see in the news with stories ranging from balloon boy to the sick ‘preacher’ so desperate for his 16th minute of fame that he burns the Koran. He is just as responsible for the loss of innocent lives as if he personally wielded the knives that took them. He has that kind of global reach.

The ease with which one can attract attention today is amazing and frightening. Whether it’s due to a catchy tune, (which Rebecca’s song Friday kind of is) freak luck, or jumping on the train wreck (several You Tube commentators on Rebecca Black have also received hits in the millions) such numbers were unimaginable a few years ago. I was in marketing and we measured impressions, so I know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, as I did fall into something of a major depression over State of Minder’s measly little, pathetic number of hits that just prior I had been so proud of, my boys tried to make me feel better. They said that the point isn’t just to be recognized, it is to be recognized for something good. I couldn’t agree more.


  1. OMG! I just saw this video for the first time - I am embarrassed for everyone in it! That was hard to watch. Alexis you are so right about everything EXCEPT one thing - the video has now reached nearly 93 million hits. Scary.

  2. How can that woman possibly be a sensation? HOW???? If Yoko Ono and Justin Beiber had a love-child it would be her. Hey, at least her boobs weren't hanging out, she wasn't gyrating like a pole dancer, and nothing was notably pierced, stamped, branded, or vajazzled. That's progress for young American girls these days. It's all over the media how our schools are failing. Perhaps she is a messenger sent down from the heavens to teach the younger ones the days of the week. Isn't that the order of curriculum - days of the week first, contractions second...


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