28 March 2011

Populist Poppycock

“If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president.  It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine.” – Ann Coulter

Ladies, please! I admit that being born at the tail end of the baby boomers, I might have taken the women’s movement for granted, but I promise, no more! Not with the Tea Party Poppycockettes trying their best to set us back pre-suffragettes.

Recent news has left me, for once, speechless. Simply and utterly. When I heard Sarah Palin (in an interview with yet another wunderfemme, Fox reporter Greta von Susteren) wonder about whether or not to run for President because, and I quote: ‘Who the heck is going to be out there with a servant’s heart willing to serve the American people for the right reason, not for ego (not for EGO?) not for special interests, not with obsessive partisanship’ – well, it leaves me with nothing to say. Except, maybe, a question to ask. Does Sarah really assume the American people are so credulous? Does she of the servant’s heart truly believe a heart without a head is enough to run a nation? A heart which given the nastiness I’ve heard it spew forth, strikes me as being three sizes too small?

Sarah isn’t alone. There are four Tea Party women almost equally frightening. And many Tea Party men, but at the moment I’m sticking to what feels like a personal betrayal by my sex. So let me tell you - Michelle B, Ann C, Christine O’ and Sarah P – you fearsome four do not make it easy to be an educated American woman abroad. Let’s qualify that: an educated woman anywhere. Think what you like about high profile female Democrats (Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton) say what you like about their politics, but at least they are indisputably intelligent, well-educated and yes, dignified. All seemingly really bad elitist qualities according to the Tea Party. Is it any wonder that enlightened females who have worked so hard and striven to achieve these very distinctions are leaving the party in droves?

You have to wonder. The four women I mention are not only a full-fledged embarrassment to America; they are an embarrassment to women.  They are incomprehensible to virtually all the educated multi-cultural Europeans I know. They come across as so pride fully ignorant, so simplistic, not to mention harsh, whiny and just plain bitchy that they set women back to the time of the shrew. I don’t want them speaking for my country and I don’t want them speaking for my sex.

Even, of course, if they are all willing to serve like Sarah, without ego, out of their selfless desire to soccer mom a nation.

Just last week, right wing columnist Ann Coulter started us off, using the catastrophe in Japan to proclaim the health benefits of radiation.  (Yeah, wow, thanks, little did I realize – I’m just going to go stick my arm in the microwave right now.)

And then followed Michelle Bachman. She believes American education should go back to the days of covered wagons, when moms and dads educated their own children because ‘Parents know best!’ OK, maybe not everything, maybe not history (Shot heard around the world? Lexington? Concord? Massachusetts?) But since when was a command of facts important?  We’re talking about teachers here, people! The same ones, so very anxious to insist afflatus beliefs that oh-so-not-intelligent, intelligent design is taught along with evolution in schools.

And last but not least, not in recent headlines but still deserving an honorable mention for furthering the cause of women everywhere (not!)  My favorite (not!) candidate Christine O’Donnell, as in ‘not’ a Princeton or Oxford grad, ‘not’ a taxpayer, ‘not’ in the constitution separation of church & state and ‘not’ a witch.  The one who seems to think ‘she is me.’ Well, she’s not.  And if these four females are so anxious to portray women the way they do, to take away women’s rights, then I suggest they go back to the kitchen to bake a cake and boil up a pot of tea – because their place is in the home.


  1. Their "reasoning" is so twisted I don't even know where to start! Thanks for scratching the surface, Alexis.

  2. That was the hard part - there was just so much material from which to choose!

  3. Fabulous!!! xoxo

  4. If Ann Coulter is so anti-women in politics as a conservative republican, why doesn't she really embrace the traditional role of females? She is not married, and does not have any children nor is she a June Cleave/stay at home "mom". In fact, she is a law school graduate like the very same women she detests. In fact, she is slamming the very women who have fought and continue to fight for people like her - so they are not further alienated from society as her fellow conservatives would like them to be. The dichotomy of Ann Coulter brings hypocrisy to a whole new level - denying her own freedom and rights. I would advise Ann Coulter to look deep into her heart and ask herself what it is that she truly represents. Her stance on politics is contradicted by her lifestyle choices.


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