18 February 2011

Winter Holidays

Today winter break begins in Monaco.  And your newly minted blogger is desperately in need of a holiday. OK, maybe not in desperate need of one, but certainly in would-really-like-a-holiday-now mode. Life in a hectic household requires a pause from time to time. For that reason, I thought it an excellent idea that my blogging should henceforth be in keeping with school vacations.

Therefore, dear friends and followers, I will not be writing on a regular basis for the next two weeks.

That is, unless any great irresistible ideas come to mind. This writing is an addictive process and I might possibly feel the need to share something. Just because there isn’t a drop right now, doesn’t mean the well will remain dry forever.

I will, after all, be driving to Switzerland tomorrow, normally about a 6-hour trip, so perhaps an idea will occur to me in the car. I’m sure the calm and tranquility of traveling with our 3 boys plus one friend will lend itself to a writer’s contemplation.

Actually, come to think of it, I could create a sequel to the Good Guest Guide, especially as we are returning to the ski home that inspired the original piece. According to my blog statistics, it seems to be very popular. Give people advice, I always say, it doesn’t hurt to offer and they certainly don’t have to take it. 

Or perhaps travel tips would make a useful post. How to keep the kids entertained while driving into the mountains when they have lingering gastro and you are afraid they will vomit all over their ipads.

A list of car songs to sing; now that could definitely be a blog!  Bet most of you remember the days when families would sing in the car – back when we didn’t have ipads and getting carsick didn’t mean lasting electronic damage.

Or how about plain old simple pre-travel stress? The utter impossibility of a mother sleeping before 3 in the morning the night before a trip. That could be interesting. Why exactly does it become critical – what is this utter compulsion to finish everything before leaving? Is it truly overwhelmingly imperative that the pile of children’s certificates, that have been sitting on my desk for the past nine months get laminated before we leave? Obviously. It must be done, or else! Or else, what? They won’t be laminated?

And packing!  Oh, the stress of packing – now there’s a blog topic if I’ve ever heard one. Yes, we happen to be leaving for our own vacation home, one fully stocked with everything we could possibly need, but we still ‘have to pack!’ I am sure I could come up with something to say about that.

In fact, I’ve already got it. Another highly blog-worthy topic – pre-travel marital stress with packing! An examination of why a man, despite a shirt collection to rival Jay Gatsby’s, finds it necessary to bring along the same 15 shirts worn winter, summer, spring, fall, wherever in the world we go. Or why, with everything necessary for a vacation already in place at the destination, said man considers it necessary to fill three suitcases with ‘stuff.’ Stuff – ‘just in case.’ Stuff we can ‘just toss in the car.’

All these ideas would no doubt present a possibility, if, that is, I hoped to do any writing. Maybe tune in just in case and I’ll keep you posted.  And if not, have a wonderful winter interlude – we’ll be back in a couple of weeks!  

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  1. Dear God! Please tell me you don't really laminate your kid's school certificates! Frightening but very funny.


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