02 February 2011

'Cause It's So Weird!

I get my daily news from several sources and unlike a certain former Alaskan governor; I have no problem naming any of them.  The Huff Post is the home page on my computer so I check in with Arianna several times per day, but in addition I read/watch CNN, Bloomberg, and the NY Times on a fairly regular basis.  And sometimes, for no other reason than to get myself really stirred up I’ll watch Fox – just a masochistic urge to get irritated at a different perspective and see how skewed the news can be.  But without any doubt, for sheer entertainment value my favorite is AOL Weird News.

This is good stuff and I’m not kidding.  With everything going on in the world, AOL decides to publish stories that are so fantastic, I just can’t help reading.  I’m addicted, I admit.  AOL happens to be a well-rounded news source – they also have a section called AOL Good News.  But trust me, nothing holds a candle to the Weird.

Here is a sampling of today’s Top Weird News Stories (AOL’s Headlines)

Sex in Space: Will It Be Good? 
    Hot Diggity D*mn – I don’t know!  I must confess it never once occurred to me to wonder  – but now I sure am curious!  Maybe my husband and I can get on one of those multi-million dollar space tourism trips – apparently Virgin is working on bringing the prices down - and then we could try it out.  We could become the founding members of the Hundred Mile High Club – now those would be some sexual exploits worth bragging about!

Will This Odd French Town Survive the End of the World?
    This is a Mayan calendar end of the world story (yada, yada, yada.) A little French town of 189 inhabitants called Bugarach is worried about being invaded by thousands upon thousands of real people who believe that ‘helpful extraterrestrials are waiting inside the town’s mountain to whisk them away when the Mayan calendar ends.’  The town’s poor mayor is freaking out about it since people are already invading and performing weird rituals all over the place.  He wants to have the army on hand come 31-12-2012. 

Now here’s the thing with the Mayan calendar, I obviously have not the slightest patience with the poor pathetic people who obsess about this – isn’t it painstakingly obvious that if the Mayans were so omniscient as to predict the end of the entire world – they would have foreseen the Spanish coming and the end of their own?  Ugh! But being that this town is not that far away in southwest France, I might quickly MapQuest Monaco to Bugarach, just in case.

Happy ‘Working Naked Day’!
    I also just learned that the 1st of February is now officially known as Working Naked Day.  It’s a very special holiday celebration for all those workers who feel somewhat marginalized for not putting on a business suit and going to an office every day.  It’s officially described as ‘dedicated to those who are working from home naked – stripped of the resources that millions take for granted in the traditional corporate work place.’ You know, people like me.  I no sooner start a career as a blogger than I have a special naked-day holiday dedicated to me!  How cool!  And here I was already feeling fortunate to be ‘working’ in my pajamas!

Plans for the World’s Biggest Yo-Yo Spin Out Of Control.
   A couple in Florida (what is it with this state?) apparently spent 7 hours a day for 18 months building a 7000-pound yo-yo.  Can you imagine???!!! Then, after they dropped it from a crane, the friction on the rope was apparently too much for the yo-yo and it went crashing to the ground.  Aawww, what a shame.  At least Guinness World Records plans to honor their attempt.

So that’s it for today’s Weird News Highlights.  Puts a whole different perspective on things, doesn’t it?  Not the slightest need to worry about those little idiosyncrasies we all have.  So what if you don’t like to step on a crack or sit with your back towards a door, you are not weird!  You don’t even make the cut until you start building 7000 pound toys, while you are naked at home, in the last couple years to go till the world ends.  Man, thinking about it – that sex in space option starts to sound pretty good…  But in the meantime, while I go call my travel agent, just get out there and have a nice, normal day!


  1. James Bond already had sex in space in "Moonraker". Been there, done that.
    But I did wonder about the lack of leverage, if you know what I mean. Nothing to push against.

  2. Hysterical! Certainly are some weird ones out there! I love your blog!


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